Light Photography on Friday Night

Tonight, light photography seemed more entertaining than did the large amount of reading and research I have to complete this weekend.

I tried a couple of things tonight. The first one was a, “Product like shot – In a closed (dark) room place your product on a table and paint it`s contour. You can use several colors to make a strong effect or to draw different (even imaginary) parts of your object.” –

painting with light

Here is what I came up with (feel free to click on the images to see them at a larger size):


The red light came from a red flash light. I think it kind of makes the cup look like it is on fire! The blue is from a glow stick that I put into the cup, and because of the glass and the light from my white flash light, the blue was projected beside the cup – kind of different looking. I also like how the third photo looks like it has a straw!


I found a bell and with the light tried to create a tornado like effect. In the first two photos you can kind of see my hand so I think it looks like I am manipulating the light. In the other two photos, I took the cup, bell and flash light and tried to make it create an image where the light is pouring from the cup. (I know bells and cups aren`t connected but I like how the photos turned out.)

And to prove that Kirk is not the only one who can draw a tree – from when he tried light painting, I created a few of my own. The first one, I had the zoom to close and the top of the tree was cut off.

Kirk’s tree:     

Cynthia’s trees:


The green glow at the bottom of my trees is from a glow stick that I waved passed the stool I used as a base to draw my tree on top of. (I think my tree turned out pretty good!)

Overall with using glow sticks, I found that while they are bright, the light is not emitted as a stream towards the camera so they do not tend to show up as strong. They are good for creating kind of like a fog type of effect, a light and faint glow of light.


When I drew these people, I started with a dark room. Then, I used the flash on my camera to create background light. Once that flash took, I drew the people before within the 30 second time frame I had – before the shutter would release. I really liked how these turned out. I think it’s neat how they are standing on a stool. In the first image, I had the shade up and you can see background light coming from my window. In the second one, I can’t explain the white patch, but I think it comes somehow from the window, but I think the shade was down – I could be wrong though… I do think my drawing of people is improving though!



4 thoughts on “Light Photography on Friday Night

  1. Wow Cynthia, every time I check out your newest update on how your progressing, I am truly amazed as to how fast and how well you have learned this. It’s absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see what you will create next! Oh and I love your creativity with this update, especially the second picture of the little man on the stool!

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