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Cynthia Schultz

Teacher. Learner. Student.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Email: schultz.cynthia1@gmail.com

Resume 2017

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Bachelor of Education Degree
University of Regina

I graduated from the University of Regina as part of the Elementary Education program, focusing on Middle Years Education (grades 5-9). In 2011, I completed my internship with a class of grade 5 students in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. I returned to Yorkton as a substitute teacher from September 2012 – June 2014 and worked with students from Kindergarten through Grade Eight at various Catholic Schools in the Christ the Teacher RCSD #212. During that time, I also had the opportunity to teach a group of Grade 4 students from April through June of 2013.

Master of Education Degree – Curriculum and Instruction
2014- Present
University of Regina

I returned to Regina (Fall 2014) to begin a Master’s of Education Degree – Curriculum and Instruction (Thesis Route) as a full-time student. While I have not worked as a substitute teacher in Regina Schools during this time, I have had various educational work related experiences at the University of Regina, and as a  volunteer within the community.


In my last semester of university, this blog was started for part of a class that I had taken, ECMP 355. This blog also serves as an electronic portfolio and highlights things such as: my teaching philosophy, examples of lesson and unit plans, various resources, my resume, blog posts for this class and more. I am still continuing blog about my teaching experiences, life and everything in between.