Learning Project

For ECMP 355, we were asked to learn something using online resources and instruction. This revolves around the idea that students and individuals are learning, sharing, mixing and creating online.  We were to not only learn online, but to share online openly our progress, updates, resources and reflections on learning. The goal is to spend 50-100 hours on this project.

I chose to learn how to paint with light, also refereed to as light painting, light photography or light graffiti. This involves taking a flash light or other light source and using the light like a paintbrush. The air is the canvas and you draw and create pictures. To capture the pictures, you use a camera set on manual settings which records anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds or longer of light shining into the camera.

I chose to learn this because I wanted to experiment and learn more about camera techniques, different types of photography and how to use certain setting on a DSLR camera. Light painting allows me to experience all of these points I have identified.


To check out my progress, updates and tips, please visit my Light Photography page.

To view a list of useful resources I have compiled, please view my Light Photography Resources page.

To view a collection of pictures I have produced, please view my Flickr page.