ECMP 355


ECMP 355 is a computer education class offered at the University of Regina. “This course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to the appropriate and innovative use of technology in K-12 classrooms. Students will learn new and emerging technology tools, explore and critique emerging forms of media, and engage in alternate pedagogies appropriate for learning in the digital age. Social learning, especially forms mediated through technology, is a course focus. Through the use of distributed connections between peers and other trusted educators, students will come to better understand the power of collective constructionism for problem-solving, resource-sharing, critical thinking, and personal learning. The skills and connections gained from this course will allow students to better understand technology integration in education, and become better equipped to critically interpret contemporary issues in schools that are in part a result of emerging technologies and societal trends.” – ECMP 355 Syllabus


This page is a collection of work I have completed through out the course:

  • Weekly Tech Tasks – Here I explored a variety of online tools, learning activities – synchronous and asynchronous, reflected on “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” and “rip! A Remix Manefesto, and examined online learning management systems.
  • Learning Project – Over the course of the semester, we were presented with a project where we would spend fifty to one hundred hours learning from the internet. I chose to learn a photography and art technique known as Light Photography /Light Painting.
  • Summary of Learning Part 1 and Part 2 – Summaries and reflections on what I have learned from this course and knowledge that I take with me into my own classroom.