Summary of Learning – Part 2

We can all help others learn in so many ways. In this post, you will see ways in which I have contributed to the learning of others and my classmates.

I used Storify to catalogue some of my tweets and re-tweets – some which I think show evidence of my contribution to the learning of others. Storify is a great tool because you can search your own tweets, tweets from others, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, and you can also embed links to help you create and share a story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can also see my Storify online.

Throughout the semester I have also created a collection of comments I have contributed to my classmates blogs and a few to YouTube Videos and other blogs as well. I don’t know if I’ve made a comment on everyone’s blog, but I gave it my best effort to read a wide variety of posts. Sometimes, I still find it  hard to find the right words to share in a comment …

Click here to see this GoogleDoc online.

It has been wonderful to read their ideas and to see what they have learned through out the semester. I have enjoyed offering feedback, support, comments and ideas to them just as much as I have appreciated receiving the same from them.


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