I decided to compose a list of technology tools that I enjoy using, am learning about and hope to implement with students. This will help me keep track of great resources and will allow me to share them with others as well.

Identity and Communication:

  • – Manage your online identity (comparable to an online business card)
  • Facebook – Connect with others
  • Google Reader – Organize and keep up to date with the latest posts on blogs you follow
  • Skype – A call, message, and video chat communication tool
  • Twitter – Communicate in 140 characters or less.

Image and Video:

Blogs and Website Creators:

  • Bitly – Shorten and share links
  • – Use this site to shorten urls
  • WordPress – A great blog site
  • Weebly – A free website creator

Sound, Video, Audio and Storytelling Tools:

  • Audacity – Audio editor program, with multiple tracks and effects
  • Aviary – Edit and Create sounds, songs, music and more online 
  • Dipity – Online timeline creator 
  • Freesound – A collaborative database of Creative Commons lisensed sounds that you can download for free
  • Google Search Stories – Create digital stories using a collection of Google searches 
  • JellyCam – A free stop-motion maker 
  • Photostory 3: Windows – Create simple videos using photos
  • Powersound – Audio editor program, very basic
  • Prezi – Alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • SnipMP3 – convert online videos to MP3 files 
  • Splicd – Show only a select part of  a Youtube video 
  • Storybird – Short story creator 
  • Storify – Curate social networks to build social stories and bring multiple media sources together as one
  • Sliderocket – On-line presentation tool 
  • Voicethread  – Create using videos, photos and text to tell stories, allows you to share comments and communicate with others
  • Windows Movie Maker – Create videos by importing sound, video and images, with numerous effects and transitions available for use
  • Wordle – Word clouds

Online Tools:

  • Dropbox – Online file storage
  • Google Docs – Online tool to create text documents, spreadsheets, tests, presentations, forms etc. You can also comment and edit these and store them online.
  • WikispacesWikispaces for Teacher – Share files, have discussions and collaborate with others
  • WolframAlpha – Computational Knowledge Search Engine

Tools I Want to Try:

  • Animoto – Video slideshows
  • Capzles – Create a multimedia experience with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents together into an outline similar to a timeline.
  • Dropmark – Online collaboration tool, insert images, videos, text and documents and create presentations
  • Glogster – Make interactive posters online and share them with others – images, video, audio and text 
  • Kidblog – A resource for student blogs
  • Popplet – Online collaboration tool 
  • Screencast-o-matic – Capture and record what’s happening on your computer
  • Scriblink – Online whiteboard
  • Sophia – Social learning community focused on education 
  • Twiddla – Web-based meeting playground 
Links to sites or documents of resources for educators and others:
The following come from Dr. Alec Couros
Here are some others: