Light Photography with Kirk

So since I have started learning about light photography, I’ve had a few friends become really interested it.

A few of them who are in Malaysia right now tried it out which I though was really cool. They emailed me for some tips and instructions. Here is what they came up with:


Today I met with Kirk and he tried his hand at light photography. I told him the basics:

  • Practice what you want to draw before you take the picture
  • Shine the light into the camera
  • Remember that the camera flips the image, so you have to draw backwards for the camera to see it as you intend
  • Keep reference points so that the lines in your image are connected

Kirk is a very talented artist and I was interested to see what he could come up with. It was interesting to watch the photos being drawn because all I was seeing was lines of light. The pictures all coming together in the photograph was really cool. I think Kirk was surprised by how hard it was to create a picture because you have to position the light in the proper spots. Light painting is easier than it looks, and it takes time to do. Luckily for him, he had longer than 30 seconds as I was in charge of the camera and took the photographs.

I think Kirk did a great job.

Here are some of the photos of images he created:




Kirk has a copy of the rest of the photos. I’ll let him post them for you to see!



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