iPad Light Photography

This week, I borrowed my aunt’s iPad2. I opened up the AppStore and searched for light photography. I found the following app:

V Light Trip Long Exposure Photography – V Light Trip
(Click on the description to see it enlarged)

Basically, this app takes a video and puts the individual frames into one photograph, and blurs the moving images while keeping stationary objects in focus.

In my third light photography post, I created light orbs and decided to do this again using the iPad. It was easier with this app, because I did not have to worry about spinning the light in an exact circle, and it took only 5 seconds as opposed to 30 seconds to create the following images (Click the images to see them enlarged):


While the camera  on the iPad is not the same as my Nikon Dslr, the photos turned out pretty good!

Then, I tried to take some other photos using this app. The following are various shots from around Regina (Click to enlarge the images and see titles for each):


I would recommend this app. You can adjust how long you take the video for from 1 second to several minutes. It is neat to experiment with and you never really know how your pictures will turn out!



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