Shadows and Outlines

Light Painting:

Tonight I tried creating some more shadows using off camera lighting – where the light is not directly pointed into the camera and then I added a person by using on camera lighting – the light is pointed into the camera.


Next, I wanted to try outlining myself.

I’ve seen some videos where they suggest using a flash to start off the exposure and then you would use a flash light to outline a person. I noticed that some people recommend having a neutral background. I’ve also seen this done with background settings so I think it is a personal preference. Also, it is easier if you have another person with you to do the outlining of the person.You can also use on camera light or off camera light which will give you different effects. If you move your light source quickly, you will tend to have thinner lines, where as if you move the light slowly, the lines will be thicker.

These two websites offer some great tips for outlining people and other effects as well:

  1. Light Painting Ideas for Beginners
  2. Incredible Light Graffiti

I was working by myself and since I wasn`t able to find the right settings for my flash on the camera so I decided to use off camera lighting once again to highlight the outline of myself. It took a while as I would start with my face and then I traced my arms and the rest of my outline. I realized that you need to remain completely still while highlighting one part of you so that the image does not come out blurry.

Here are some of my results:




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