Animated Flower

This week for my light photography project, I created an animated flower image.

To create this image I worked through the following steps:

  • First, I took three photos with my camera: one of a light=drawing of the flower pot with a stem, one of the flower petals, and one of the leaves.
  • I have used Adobe Photoshop before and know how to use it fairly well so I opened the three photos with this program.
  • I have seen the program Adobe ImageReady (it comes with Photoshop) – which allows you to create animated images so I decided to try it out.
  • The website I used to help me was the following “Animation in Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady” which I found to be a good resources showing you the basic steps. So I opened the photos and created layers for each part of the flower: I broke down the parts of the stem, petals and leaves into smaller slices. Then I exported the file to ImageReady and created a series of 64 frames from those images. The frames when put together create an animated image.
  • I had also taken individual photos of the letters of the word ‘flower’ and added them to the animated image.
  • The image is a .gif file.
  • It enjoyed creating the image even thought it took me a long time to produce the end product.
  • Sorry my explanation isn’t very detailed, it’s kind of hard to explain.

This was the video I watched that inspired my image:



4 thoughts on “Animated Flower

  1. Awesome job Cynthia! This is amazing. Your making a ton of progress so far in your learning project. Forget teaching you could become a professional light photographer….if such a job exists haha

    1. Thanks Matt. I think it would be great to incorporate photography into the classroom and regularly into teaching and learning. It’s nice to know I have a back up career option – I could start a new field. 🙂

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