Ten Changes

I came across ten changes you can make in your classroom so that the days run a little smoother. These ideas are both good for you and your students. I can see myself implementing these ten points in my future classroom, especially numbers 4 through 8 and number 10.

  1. Assign your students jobs – give them some responsibilities while at school and have them help you take care of the classroom.
  2. Be on a need to know basis – do they really need to ask if they can get a drink or go to the wash room every single time?
  3. Have extras – pencils, erasers, pens, markers, etc. so that they can just borrow one if needed and return it when they are done.
  4. If you can, plan right away – keep ideas fresh in your mind, ready to carry on from where you just left off teaching and learning in the previous lesson.
  5. Keep Google Calendar – everything can go on this calendar and it can be shared with students and parents.
  6. Have a classroom blog – share with parents and community what is happening and have students post on their own pages.
  7. Ask your students – ask them what they want to learn, what they want to create and actually listen to their ideas.
  8. Dance a little – have students pick a song and take a brain break and just dance.
  9. Ask your papers where they want to go – don’t be so worried about being organized and having a complicated filing system. Find what works for you, but make sure to have some type of a system!
  10. Follow the one minute rule – if it can be done in one minute, do it right away and stop procrastinating!

Check out the original post here.


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