Think Before You Speak

Do we really think about the words we speak?

Words can:

  • inspire
  • cheer you up
  • offer strength and support
  • inform
  • explain
  • but words can also hurt 

I’ve heard it said that when using social media especially, that we need to think about the types of things we post, tweet and the comments we say. Once you tweet, post, or comment, your words are out there and others see them. Are your words positive and supportive or can they be seen as hurtful to some people?

It is important to always think about our words, not only online, but every day. In schools, it is especially important in schools and with children and youth to remind them to think about their words, just as it is important to remind adults as well. If we think about our words, do you think this simple act could make a difference to others? I think it could, even if it is just a small difference, it is a start.

There are so many words out there, it is also equally important to use the correct word. One example is the following:

People use the word “gay” in many conversations and they do not realize that this word can hurt those people who are LGBT. The same goes for words like “retard”, “faggot” and “dyke”, but there are many more out there. The website, NoHomophobes counts homophobic words that are used each day on the internet. It is disturbing that so many people out there are using hurtful words online and GLSEN has a website dedicated to thinking before you speak, specifically regarding gay and homophobic language, and advocating for non-homophobic words to be used.

So before you speak, tweet, post, comment etc., take a moment and think!



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