Light Painting with the Middle Years Crew

Yesterday, some of us from our Middle Years Education group got together. A few of them had been interested in the light painting project  I was doing for this ECMP355 class, so I told them that I would bring my camera and a few flash lights.

I explained to them the basic idea of light painting – in a dark room, you draw pictures using flash lights where the light shines toward the camera. The camera is on a manual setting which controls the lens and the shutter. When you draw, the camera captures the light and produces an image.

I was in charge of the camera and I let them try it out! We began with Kirk demonstrating how to draw a picture:

Then the others wanted to try. Here is what they came up with:


We did some group pictures:


We finished with some outlines:


Everyone had a great time, the pictures turned out great and I was happy to be able to share my learning with others. Thank you to everyone who helped me out!



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