blog challenge wk1

So I’m a little late to get started, but better late than never. I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging and so when I came across the Blogging Challenge some Saskatchewan educators are taking part in and I thought I’d join in. Follow #skblog15 on Twitter to see posts from the others taking part in the challenge.


The theme for week one was: What’s holding you back?

Through reflection, I can name many things that are holding me back. Here are some of them that I’d like to share:

  • Self-confidence – being confident in my abilities first as a person, second as a teacher. Teaching is a big responsibility and even though I have a piece of paper that allows me to teach, sometimes there is self-doubt that I won’t be able offer students the experiences they deserve.
  • Knowledge – I’ve learnt many things from education classes that I took from my university experience. However, I’ve walked into many experiences not feeling that I have enough knowledge to teach a certain subject or lesson. I know that it is okay to learn alongside your students and that we don’t know everything, but I guess this ties back to self-confidence.
  • Feeling like an outsider – I’ve had part time, temporary and substitute teaching experiences. I’ve always kind of felt that I don’t quite fit in. Perhaps this comes with not being in one place for long enough to develop relationships and a sense of community.

With time and more experience, I hope that I can rise above these feelings that hold me back.


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