#saskedcamp – May 9th

This post is a little late, but I wanted to share my thoughts about a great professional development experience that I was part of recently. A group of educators who organize #saskedchat on Twitter recently hosted #saskedcamp on May 9th at the University of Saskatchewan. I headed up the day before to spend sometime in Saskatoon, SK since I’m rarely ever there and then headed to the education building that Saturday for a great morning of engagement and learning.

My understanding of an edcamp is a conference organized by teachers and those who want to present. The idea is that people write down topics that they wish to learn about, wish to discuss, or wish to facilitate a session / discussion around.

The following video explains the concept better than I have / will do:

Kelly was one of the people who helped organize and get things started. Him and his team (I apologize, I don’t remember everyone’s names) organized a great day. Once people listed topics on sticky notes, there were about 4 sessions running at the same time for about half an hour, and people went to the sessions that had the topics they expressed interest in, and they also had the freedom to get up and go to different sessions during the same half an hour. This was my first edcamp and I found it to be a great experience. In each session I went to, there were many great discussions where teachers and other educators shared their practice, their ideas and their knowledge with others, and some stimulating conversations took place. I made notes from each session with thoughts and ideas that I could take away with me. I brought a friend with me, Yan who was visiting from China, and she also had a great time. It was great to see everyone’s voice being heard and valued and lots of different ideas were shared. It was also interesting to hear everyone’s different experiences, things that have worked for them, and to discuss challenges or areas that people were interested in. Overall it was a great day.

I didn’t take too many pictures or send out too many tweets during the event. This is the only picture I have which is of myself writing down some ideas before the sessions were organized and the day began.


Here are a few notes I jotted down (general ideas):


Below is an archive of the day with many pictures and great tweets capturing our learning and the great people who came out. Edit: I forgot that wordpress.com doesn’t let you embed a Storify post, so here is the link:

I enjoyed this experience very much and hope that I can make it to future edcamp events. It was also great to meet some people face to face that I know from Twitter, it turned into a great networking event as well. Thanks again to everyone who put it on!




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