#saskedchat April 30.15

Check out the Storify link below of the chat – most tweets are included.


I think we began to scratch the surface on discussing FNMI (First Nations, Metis & Inuit) and Multicultural education in the classroom. So many more questions and directions to explore with this topic. While the chat topic focused on both, our conversation primarily focused around FNMI as opposed to responses also including Multicultural content.

It was interesting for me to answer and see other people’s answers to the five questions asked. I also thought the questions asked where interesting, as I wondered what else could have been asked or what is this question getting at. The fiveĀ  questions were:

  1. What are some resources teachers can use to integrate FNMI ways of knowing as part of their planning and teaching?
  2. How can teachers integrate Treaty Education within their instructional practices?
  3. Who can teachers contact for support as they work to integrate FNMI way of knowing and Treaty Education?
  4. How can teachers address the multicultural dimension of the classroom and the globalization of society?
  5. What are some common apprehensions that teachers have about teaching about treaties and FNMI content?

Well done to everyone who hosted and participated.

I noticed that answers focused on school divisions and what they are doing, talking to Aboriginal consultants, fear about doing it wrong or about offending someone, integrating content cross-curricular across subjects and resources of texts. In my answers, perhaps because I am interested in and just completed a course on culturally responsive pedagogy, I focused on turning to the students, their families and the community as a resource and to learn from and with them. The chat was interesting and informative. I hope we do a follow-up and dive into some more questions around this topic.


One thought on “#saskedchat April 30.15

  1. Excellent reflection on the recent chat. I whole-heartedly agree that we will need to expand on this discussion in a future #saskedchat. It is true that approaching families as a means of learning is an opportunity where many Ts hesitate. Creating safe and positive relationships can create comfort.Thanks for your input during the chat!

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