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Image from queencitypride’s instagram

Today, October 17th was #SpiritDay. A day when Americans and people all over the world, wear purple and stand together in support of lgbt youth and to stand against bullying.

GLADD – (GLAAD builds support for equality by amplifying the voice of the#LGBT community and holding the media accountable for the words and images they present.) is a main organizer, organization and promoter of this day.

Through social media, GLAAD encouraged people to change their profile pictures both on Twitter and Facebook and to stand together. Thousands of people changed their photo, everyday people and celebrities. Search #SpiritDay on Twitter and you will see the messages of support. Landmark buildings even went purple and changed their lights and signs.

Will today make a big difference in the big picture of bullying and in the lives of lgbt youth? It might not, however, to the youth are longing for someone to talk to – it has made allies more visible. #SpiritDay, as it does each year (this is its 3rd), has started a conversation and continues to create a dialogue and awareness for people all over.

Today I wore purple. This week I changed my profile picture purple. Today I stood with thousands of others in support of lgbt youth and against bullying. Did I make a huge difference? I’m not sure, but I was part of something bigger. And maybe I let someone know that they can come and talk to me.


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