“She doesn’t know..”

Today I spent the morning in a grade 2 classroom. It was great. I was greeted with lots of smiles and students saying hi. Even though I have not taught a lot of the kids there, it was wonderful to hear students who didn’t know me very well saying hi. As always, it is great to see the students I have taught before.

The students at this school make it a great place to be at.

The morning was great. I was in a room with lots of busy, active, and talkative young learners. We learned a lot together.

When I was leaving during lunch time, one of the students (age 7?) made a comment,

I think Indians are stupid.

Lots of the kids in the class are First Nations and are very proud of their culture and who they are. The words of their classmate upset them deeply.

I later heard a comment from someone saying, “she doesn’t know who she is.” I was told that this student didn’t know that she is Indian or First Nations person; she doesn’t have an understanding of her own identity.

The whole situation stayed with me as I left the school for the day and it is still with me..

I would like to talk with her more, to see how she views herself and to see the image of who she is through her eyes.

I then thought of whose job is it to teach the youth of today about their culture and who they are?

Is it solely up to parents, family and friends to teach their children? What role do schools and teachers have in this and how much can they and do they teach their students? There are many more questions in my mind at the moment..

I feel there is a discussion here to be had.. One where each person’s responses and answers would be influenced by the critical lens’ through which they view the world.. There would be a range of answers, opinions, ideas and perspectives..



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