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Now that school has started again, so has substitute teaching.

I have been in a few schools already and have many days coming up for the next few months up until January even. I have primarily been in what I consider an upperclass school and one of the community schools here.

It intrigues me, bothers me and makes think when I walk into one school and see class sizes of at least 25+ kids in the younger primary grades and the upper middle years classrooms. One school is running out of room – out of classrooms, space within rooms and even space in the gymnasium. However, the other school is smaller class sizes some as small as 7 and others as large as 23. This schools is seeing a rise in the younger grades, but it will take time for the upper grades to grow in size. One school is bursting at the room, and the other is growing smaller each year.

I guess my question is why are there so many students at this one school, while the other one and other schools in the division are smaller in student numbers?

  • The curriculum is the same
  • All schools have great teachers and administration
  • Access to technology – SmartBoards, computers, document cameras, internet etc. are equal among the division

For some, it may be convenience. They live near one school so they attend there; or the bus for this school will pick them up and sometimes parent transportation may not be an option for some. One school is French and English, and this may attract families that want their children to learn French Immersion – I support this. One end of town is booming with new construction and homes and there is only one school close there.

I don’t know how it is all decided as to which students attend certain schools. I hope that some families wont see  “community school” and think less of its students, teachers, expectations and opportunities. I interned in an upperclass school and recently spent two and a half months in a community school this past school year. From those and all of my other experiences in schools, I have seen all students in both types of schools being challenged, supported, and reaching their goals.

I really hope that out of the four Catholic elementary schools here, there wouldn’t be such a visible division of class seen among students when I walk through the school doors. Likewise, I wish this for all schools in the province.



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