the new teacher book

My friend was reading a the The New Teacher Book  and she said “the introduction made me think of you.” She sent me a few quotes, and after reading them, they reflect some of my thoughts on teaching. They are beautiful and powerful quotes and teachers need to think about what is being said.. I also think I’ve found a book to read this summer.

We wrote this book because we have had days – many days – where our teaching aspirations did not meet the reality of the chaos we encountered. We have experienced those late afternoon crying-alone-in-the-classroom kind of days…

the new teacher book

… it is important for the profession that new teachers with social justice ideals stay in the classroom. Our communities need teachers who see the beauty and intelligence of every student who walks through their doors and who are willing to keep trying to reach those who have already been told they aren’t worthy. Our students need teachers who value students’ home language and who know how to build academic strength from those roots. We need teachers who learn how to develop curriculum that ties students’ lives, history, and academic disciplines together to demonstrate their expertise when top-down curriculum mandates explode across a district. Our school districts need teachers who can advocate against the dumbing-down of curriculum, against testing mania, and against turning our classrooms over to corporate-created curriculum. Our country needs teachers who understand the connections between race, class, and tracking. How else do we make a lasting change?

We need teachers who want to work in a place where human connections matter more than profit…

– The New Teacher Book
By Rethinking Schools – 2nd Edition, 2010


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