week 8 and week 9

We’ve been wrapping assignments and unit up. The students finished their art project on colors where we explored the color wheel. They made some pictures with a hidden color wheel in the picture. They also have been learning about getting along with others and created a “Wanted Ad” for a robot – telling of the characteristics of a good friend. The students also looked at how to solve problems, the importance of having more than one solution for a problem and they wrote some solutions to some common grade 4 problems.

color wheel activity

wanted robot ad's

problems and solutions

 The class also earned a few rewards from our classroom rewards system and they ended up choosing to watch a movie! They watched Oz: The Great and Powerful” for their week 8 reward and Escape from Planet Earth for their week 9 reward.

On Friday we attended National Aboriginal Day Celebrations here in Yorkton. While it was not quite the experience I hoped the students would participate in, they got to have their faces painted, we had lunch together, we listened to a drum circle and the First Nations anthem and we listened to a prayer said by and elder. The students also got to listen to an entertainer and his band perform some songs. The kids along with a few other classes who came were proud to be there but I wish we were able to see more of their culture – dances and songs and ceremonies..

national aboriginal day

All in all, these past two weeks have been busy. We have three more days left and then the students come Friday morning to get their report cards!

I have enjoyed my time in grade four and with my students – there has been ups and downs, but ultimately it has been a great experience and a great learning opportunity.



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