Welcome Ms. K’s Students

Welcome to Ms. Kloppenburg’s students!

Ms. Kloppenburg sent me an email the other day explaining that you are looking at special effects in photography. I see you beat me here before I had a chance to say hi! Through my blog, I am able to see what posts people are looking at and I can see that my light photography posts have been accessed. This is great!

Light painting/ photography (the terms seem to mean the same thing) is a lot of fun, and you can achieve so awesome photos! It also takes trial and error, time, patience and an open mind. I have found that this is one of my favorite activities to do with photography, and as you’ve probably seen, I was even able to get some of my friends to light pain with me.

I don’t know quite how much time you will get to spend looking at my project or how much time you have to experiment with it this semester, as there are just a few weeks left of school! I hope you will get to try something out and to have some fun. If you have any questions or comments, please post them on the specific blog post and I can try to help you out. Chances are someone else is curious or also wants to know more about a specific idea, so let’s start a conversation.

I do have some tutorials and there are others out there, but I would say start off by simply grabbing a camera and experimenting, how better to learn than my trying yourself and see what happens. I know I did that the first time I tried this technique and I kind of failed miserably, but from there I was able to learn more, practice and improve. Most importantly, have fun!

If you happen to produce some pictures, be sure to send me some links as I would love to see them.

– Cynthia



4 thoughts on “Welcome Ms. K’s Students

  1. Cynthia,
    On behalf of my students and myself, we can’t thank you enough for sharing your learning by posting it online so we can all benefit and for personally connecting with us with a video and a quick intro exercise in light painting to try!!
    I hope my students are inspired to try it in the next few weeks, or maybe even over the summer when they are looking for a fun thing to try with friends.
    Next year, I will be starting my course in photography learning with your blog on light painting and your great example of a learning project.
    We will be thrilled to be able to meet up with you again!
    Ms. Kloppenburg and the photography class at Woodlands Secondary
    PS Your video was awesome!

    1. Thanks Ms. Kloppenburg! I had one student share their e-portfolio with me. I commented and left him a tip to try! I look forward to the fall and seeing more examples from your students. – Cynthia

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