week 7

My students are very energetic when they want to be. They will tell me all kinds of things and have recently started explaining Minecraft to me. My students are great! However, I have/ we have been having some trouble listening, getting our work done and being respectful during class time.

This past week, I talked to the school counsellor and the student support teacher. They gave me some idea to use in my class with my students. We settled on a classroom reward system where the students earn a dollar each time they do the following:

  1. On time for class
  2. Talking respectfully to their classmates and teachers – this includes recess time
  3. Have their books / materials ready
  4. Listen to and carry out the teacher’s directions
  5.  Be on task during class time

Each day, there is a daily total of dollars the students need to reach and a weekly total. The conversation took place on Monday, and I implemented the system on Wednesday. Our daily goals for Wednesday and Thursday were $200 and $100 for Friday by lunch time because we were going outside in the afternoon as a school for Jump Rope for Heart. The students were excited on Wednesday and decided that their Friday reward which they would get on Monday would be 1 hour of computer time..

Wednesday: $185
Thursday: $174
Friday $125

They came close, but didn’t quite earn 1 hr of computer time, so we agreed on half an hour of computer time for Monday.

classroom buck


I saw an improvement in my students – their behaviours were better and they worked harder and made sure their work was handed in. The key I found was that they needed to see students receiving dollars after every subject, or they began to disregard the system.

I did have one student not want to buy into the system. She siad it was because when we voted on the rewards that she wanted a movie instead of computer time. Little did she realize that she would be able to watch a movie if she so chose during computer time. I haven’t yet figured out how to reach this student. I think I need to try again at building a positive relationship with her though as she seems to be acting out and seeking any type of attention she can from me.. That’ll be a goal for this week in the midst of getting report card marks completed for Friday, planning daily lessons and all the other fun stuff teachers do on a daily basis!


It’s Sunday morning. I am already looking forward to Saturday! Mostly because I’ll be going to Regina for the weekend to catch up with some friends and to relax a bit! But until then, this week is going to be a busy one!

I hope my class will be able to reach their goals for this week. I decided to break it down into a goal of 500 for Wednesday and then 500 for Friday.. we’ll see how this works out..


Monday’s update:


They had some trouble in the afternoon and only earned 127/200 today..



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