week 6

It’s been 6 weeks..

These past 29 days have been a learning experience:

  • I’ve learned about my students
  • I’ve tried different instruction methods
  • I’ve tried different assessment methods
  • I’ve learned to wait

I’ve been working one on one with one of my students who is on a modified program when his EA is not there. I have seen so much growth in him these past few weeks. He can now count not only to 20 but to 100. He understands place value, is learning to tell time and is reading more. He has gone from saying “morning” to starting to engage more in conversations. I have seen him be interested in our science lessons and I have seen him work hard. I am so proud of him.

We need to celebrate these little but big accomplishments! We need high expectations so that our students will rise to the occasion. Our students can do accomplish more than what we set out for them. Give them a chance and watch what will happen.

I know that it is June but we need to keep going. We need to keep learning and challenging one another to do their best. It is easy to be tired and to start to shut things down, but we must keep going. There is one month left..

I have also had my patience tested as classroom management is one area I have been working a lot on.

The students know that it is almost summer and the seem to be done.. but we need to still be working on being respectful and listening. Some days are better than others, but we are improving.

We have been doing Fountas and Pinnell testing this week. I am impressed by how well the students are reading and this is attributed to their previous teachers, the teacher they had before me in grade 4 and to the students themselves. This class loves to read and this is truly a wonderful thing.

There is one month of school left – report cards are soon, we are finishing year end testing and we are still learning.

I have at least 1.5 weeks left, possibly longer..

It has been great so far and I am looking forward to the next few days..



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