week 5

This past week was a short one.

Monday was a holiday and then on Tuesday we had an inservice on Generosity. Michael Chiasson was the speaker and it was a great day.


Image from @tkorczak

He told us many moving stories and shared with us some great quotes – here are a few of my favourites:

It starts with one…

If your dream for your life doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough…

You were never meant to make a difference. You were meant to make more than a difference…

Do what you say. Admit when you don’t…

Then on Wednesday and Thursday in science class we began to learn more about our current unit of study: sound.

We looked at how sound is made of vibrations and we played around with a tuning fork, saran wrap, a plastic container, some salt and some water.

I used a document to record our project’s results and put it together into a quick video using iMovie. Little did I know that the document camera either does not sound, or I didn’t turn that feature on. It was my first time using that tool. Overall the lesson went well and our experiment worked for the most part. We also did another experiment where the kids made their own kazoo’s and then explored how we as humans make sound with our vocal cords and how the kazoo works.



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