week 3

We finished some projects this week!

In art we learned about the elements of design: line, texture, shape and color.

We looked at Canadian Landscapes and the students then looked at on part of a picture by using a frame to focus on one area.

They then drew their landscapes and wrote about their understanding of the elements of design.


We also finished an activity about seeing the positives in ourself in health class. The qualities that make us who we are, the positives we should be proud of. We discussed how we can boost other’s self esteem and one way to do that is to share with them, the positives we see in each other.

That is what we did. Each student stood in front of the chalkboard and we wrote 10 positives we see in that person. Then, I took a picture and we printed them out. Right now, they are in the hallway, but the students will be able to take them home with them to have as an extra reminder!


The picture didn’t turn out to well, but the idea is still present.

Looking forward to the next week! Lots to learn. Lots to do!



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