think first..

Today I was reminded to be careful about what we post on-line. Not because of anything specific, but it was a topic we were discussing.

This includes general posts, learning experiences, personal growth and the topic of school and teaching. “Everything is out there” and even if you don’t share it publicly, people can still find it. If you delete it, someone could have taken a screen-capture of it.

No one wants to end their career over a tweet, update, or post etc.

It seems that success and good things that happen are more approved or accepted than messages about struggle and challenges.

But what is the point in having on-line personal networks of teachers and friends if you can’t post the hard to talk about topics and have discussions? Why can’t we ask for help and not have people read deeper into the messages we post?

You have to decide and critically think before you click publish, tweet or post and ask yourself, “Do I need to say this?” and “Could this be taken the wrong way?” even if they are thoughts or ideas expressed in the most general sense.

Make the right decision.

Think first..



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