St. Luke’s

st. luke's

St. Luke’s School – Regina, SK

Our students are in Grades K-12 and come to us from all over Regina. We are blessed with variety in both the age of our students and the school environments from which they come. As a Catholic school, we know each of our students is a gift from God and loved by God. Thus, we do our best to meet the individual needs of our students. We do this through our K-12 academic program, our connection to the many outside agencies which support our families, and the many liturgical and social experiences we offer our students. St. Luke is known for its commitment to students in need and for the many successes these students have.

St. Luke is an alternate school which draws students from all elementary and high schools within the Regina Catholic School Division. — Division Website

St. Luke’s School works with students with: (Information from the Division Website)

  • Behavioural issues in the schools are addressed collaboratively and successfully with the teacher, principal, and parents. However, in some situations, further support is required and can be accessed through two programs at St. Luke School. More intensive support is provided by teachers and counsellors with specialized training. Transportation to and from the elementary programs are provided by the school division.
  • They have a Supportive Learning Environment (SLE) Program which is a behavioural intervention program for students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 with more complex behavioural difficulties. In consultation with parents, students are referred to the program from the home school.
  • The Quiet High School (QHS) Program is a high school program for students who may be experiencing social and/or emotional challenges and require an alternate setting. Students are typically involved witha physician and other outside support. The students may experience better success in a small school setting with a program more tailored to their needs. Not all classes offered in a mainstream high school are available at St. Luke. For this reason, some QHS students take courses at their home high school and at St. Luke.
  • Exceptional Needs Creating Opportunities Related to Education (ENCORE) is a high school program offered for students who are facing challenges in a mainstream high school. It is also a program which meets the needs of students who may have been away from school for a period of time. Once students in the ENCORE program are stabilized, they are encouraged to re-enter their home high schools on a full-time or part-time basis. Not all classes offered in a mainstream high school are available at St. Luke. For this reason, some ENCORE students take courses at their home high school and at St. Luke.

St. Luke’s is a great school. You may be wonder why I am telling you about this school. I have had a cousin attend this school when he was in grade 2 for one year, and right now, I currently have another cousin attending this school, in grade 9.

My cousin who attended this school in grade 2 made real progress. He is now at St. Theresa Elementary School in grade 5. He loves school now, he takes pride in his work and he enjoys school. He has made real progress and his understanding and communication of that understanding have made real progress.

My cousin in grade 9, just moved from Miller High School to St. Luke’s a few weeks ago now.. He has always struggled with school, attending many different elementary schools and programs. He was always pushed through and never give the academic support he needed to develop confidence in his school abilities or  himself. This really showed once he started grade 9 this past fall. My cousin stopped attending school all together because he did not want to go. He did not feel safe there in the classroom. He did not feel that he could do a good enough job. Classes, teachers, content and assignments moved too fast for him and he was left behind. He stopped going.. he didn’t pass that first semester. The teacher were ready to fail him, and the school was ready to expel him. No one would stand up and fight for my cousin, except his dad..

My uncle, got him into St. Luke’s because he wants my cousin to succeed, to feel confident in himself when it comes to learning and understanding. Since he has been at this school, he has

  • attended classes every day
  • does homework every night when he has it 
  • completed all assignments
  • asks for help when he needs it
  • he understands what he is learning
  • made new friends
  • talks about school and you can see he is happy and takes pride in his work
  • he reads books
  • he feels like he belongs here
  • he feels like he can achieve and learn
  • he is achieving and learning and growing
  • he is receiving good grades and this makes him proud

This school has changed my cousin.. for the better. He is like a new kid, one who likes going to school. He likes the smaller class size, only working on one subject a day, and asking the teacher for help and receiving it. He takes pride in his work, he shares his assignments and he is doing so much better.

Both of my cousins did not have behaviour problems, they just need extra support. They have had teachers who accept the levels they are at and work at pushing the students forward. My cousin doesn’t feel pushed, rushed, ignored or that he can’t measure up to his peers. He feels like he is capable and he proves this to himself daily.

St. Luke’s is a great school, I am happy my cousin is there now. This is good for him. Now he will not slip through the cracks..



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