In A Classroom

Being in a classroom feels like being at home. It reassures me that I made the right decision four and a half years ago when I applied to the Faculty of Education and was accepted. The days when I didn’t think I would finish the program, when I didn’t see the point or even want to be there, go right out of my mind when I am working with students. I feel empowered. I know that I am where I should be and that I can be a teacher alongside my students.

Each day when I have the opportunity to enter a classroom as  a substitute teacher, it is a wonderful feeling. Seeing students respond to me, building relationships with them and them learning is a great thing. I love it when they ask, “Are you coming back tomorrow?” or “When will we see you next?”.

The other day I was in a grade 4/5 classroom and we had a great time. The first time they saw me, they remembered me from when I was there a year ago as an intern and when I took them to the computer lab. Most of the time was spent working and learning in Language Arts as it was an early dismissal day. I read a loud a chapter of a new book they started as a class, we discussed events, characters and vocabulary. Then we re-read a story together as a class and went through it, looking at idioms. The students reviewed their notes and worked hard at figuring out the literal interpretations of these idioms. They caught on quickly and continued to work on another assignment. The students did silent reading after recess and then I went into another classroom who are part of the french immersion program at this school. I was teaching them a Language Arts lesson, and we talked about Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and finished reading the book together.

It was a great day. Each day I am in a classroom, it makes things better. It reminds me of why I wanted to be a teacher. On days when things aren’t going well, or there I’m not in a classroom which seems to be way too much, I remember the days when I am with students and it makes the waiting for a phone call early every morning (even if it doesn’t always come) worth it.


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