Middle School

Below is a video by Summer Charlesworth entitled, “Why Middle School?”

As a middle years teacher myself, this a great video filled with lots of information about our students.

A note about the video from Summer:

A clip I created with Dacien Hadland to bring about the data and anecdotal research from being a middle school teacher. I have created this with the help of my Middle School students, in their voice.

Some highlights are:

  • Students are influenced by everything around them.
  • In a digital age, our students are constantly connected to their peers and those around the world through various social media tools and networks.
  • Our students are active movers and learners who learn in different ways.
  • Our students are growing and changing.
  • Students need classrooms that are safe and welcoming and where they are respected.
  • Students need a teacher who is a leader.

While many provinces do not have Middle Schools, this video is still relevant to teachers and students throughout Canada and the world.


*Update: February 8 – 2013

Summer has created another video: “Why Middle School Matters”




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