I’m not the biggest fan of the Christmas season. Every year after Remembrance Day it seems, all of the Christmas items appear in stores. Lights go up, trees are decorated and presents are purchased. Sometimes it seems like there is a lot of pressure put on material goods – lots of shoppers at the malls, money spent on items. When I was a kid, I loved waking up and opening presents. It was nice to receive toys or movies and games. It seems like Christmas has lost its meaning. As I get older, it is nice to be around family and friends and to spend time together. Last year, my family went over to my aunt’s house, we had dinner together and did a Chinese gift exchange with items from the dollar store. It was just a fun evening – lots of laughter and catching up with one another.

Less about material goods and money and more about friends and family. 

Last year also, I was completing internship in Yorkton. The theme for our Christmas concert was Christmas Around the World – each class sang songs from different countries around the world. It was a beautiful evening that ended with the story of Jesus’ birth which was acted out by the grade eight students. Tonight I went back to the school I interned out and attended the concert. This year, the songs were centered around the story of Jesus’ birth – carols like I Saw Three ShipsAway in a Manger, Joy to the World and many more. There was once again the enactment of Jesus’s birth. This school is a dual track French Immersion School – there are English and French classes for grades one through eight.

The English and French classes for each grade were paired together and the songs were sung in both English and French – it was absolutely beautiful. It is truly a wonderful thing where we have schools in Saskatchewan and in Canada that teach French Immersion Programs. The teachers are so dedicated and passionate about the French language and the students are eager to learn. It’s great to see and to hear! I’m not an immersion teacher myself, but I definitely respect those who are!

Here is the grade 1 classes singing Away in a Manger:


The evening featured singing, dancing and various musical instruments being played by the students. Each grade performed their song, and then the rest of the school would join in for a verse or two or they would all sing a song together, like at the end when they closed the concert with We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Check out I Saw Three Ships – Students used black lights and black light paint – very cool.


I love this part about Christmas too – understanding the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus and keeping “Christ” in Christmas.

The students, staff and the community came together and shared an evening in song and the Christmas story.

Photo1  Photo2

Happy Holidays!



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