We all have a story to tell.

Our life is a story.

We live our story daily, but we don’t always share our story with others.

I have begun to share a part of my story with others. It hasn’t been easy, but so far it has been worth it. At first I worried by how some would respond, that they would be upset or angry, or that they wouldn’t understand. I did not want to loose their friendships. You don’t know how someone will react until you give them the chance to. I have been surprised by the conversations I have begun to have with people, with friends. Each person chooses how they hear your story and they are entitled to their own thoughts and feelings.

Since sharing my story, I have felt more like the person I am truly am.

I feel freer, happier and more supported than I have in the past.

I feel empowered. Being honest with yourself is so important.

It feels as if the truth can really set you free.

This is just the beginning.

This story is just a small part of my larger life story.

I hope to share with many people – I am slowly getting there.



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