Little Things

Yesterday, I met with my co-operating teacher from internship last year.

We caught up and talked about how thing were going – this year she is teaching a grade 4/5 split and I am substitute teaching within the division.

Then we had the following conversation:

Her: Have you seen student W?

Me: I saw him today on the playground and said “hi” to him.

Her: That’s good. You should see him more. He took it pretty hard when you left last year.

Me: Awe, good to know. Hopefully if I am back here subbing more, I can talk some more with him. 

Her: Yeah, he really missed you. 

Student W, was a good kid. When I was teaching him last year during internship, he needed to be encouraged. He needed high expectations. He achieved those high expectations and improved in his writing, math and overall productivity at school. He is a great young man and was a pleasure to teach. From working with this student, I learned the power and importance of developing relationships with our students – ones where they trust us and where they are not afraid to ask for help. A relationship where they feel accepted and supported, challenged and acknowledged.

Hearing from my co-operating teacher that I had really made a difference in student W’s life last year, as his teacher was a wonderful feeling. Imagine if we could do this for all of our students – connect with them and support them and impact their lives in a positive way. And while we see our students at school, hopefully those positives could carry with the students into their lives at home and in the community.

It’s the little things …



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