Hamilton Gardens

Today we walked from the University of Waikato to the Hamilton Gardens and then back to the University – it was a good 6 km walk.

The gardens have 5 collections:

  1. Paradise Collection
  2. Productive Collection
  3. Fantasy Collection
  4. Cultivar Collection
  5. Landscape Collection


Within each collection, there are a collection of gardens. Today we went to Paradise Collection and walked around the Chinese Scholars garden, the English Flower garden, the Japanese Garden of Contemplation, the American Modernist Garden, the Italian Renaissance Garden and the Indian Char Bagh garden. It was a beautiful walk and the sights were peaceful and relaxing.


I enjoyed the large collection of bamboo in the Chinese garden, the tranquility of the Japanese garden, and the architecture of the Indian Char Bagh garden. The American Modernist garden had a picture of Marilyn Monroe and a small pond it – I didn’t understand why there was a picture of Marilyn though.



We also saw the Productive Collection and walked around the Kitchen Garden, the Sustainable backyard, the Herb garden and Te Parapara. It was great to see fruits and vegetables being grown. I enjoyed the Te Parapara area which showed you some of the Maori culture.

The Hamilton Gardens is a large space with lots of walking trails and many gardens that we did not see. I would recommend going here if you are ever in Hamilton, NZ.



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