Northern Explorer – Part 2

Last night I walked around Wellington. It is another great city. I saw the area by the whorf, and the area near the train station, which included the University of Victoria that is right across from the station. I saw the University’s law school, which looks like a courthouse, and beside this Wellington’s legislature/parliament buildings. I then ventured into town. By 7:00 pm, the shops were all closed. There were a few fast food places open, (of course McDonald’s was open) and there were lots of pub’s and unique little restaurants open for the evening. I walked past several shopping centers, a giant bookstore and a grocery store. I think it may  have been nice to explore Wellington a bit more during the today, but the night in Wellington was really nice – that was how I booked the tickets.

Today, I took the Northern Explorer Train back to Hamilton. It was rainy this morning in Wellington, but it started to rain less once the train took off. It was a cloudy and misty train ride as opposed to yesterday – dry and sunny. In the end though, I saw a rainbow appear as we were pulling into Hamilton.



I remembered to charge my camera and was able to take lots of photographs. It was entertaining to watch baby sheep run around and chase one another. I also saw some turkeys, birds, more cows, horses, and I think even a few geese – do they have geese here in New Zealand?

I think time passed more quickly this train ride as opposed to the one the day before. The countryside is still as beautiful when it rains, although the skies are much more colorful when it is sunny out.

I found it interesting that today: passengers received more commentary during this trip even though we are on the same track and with the same crewmembers. It was good to hear about each place’s history, of landmarks and the different landforms throughout New Zealand. History, mythology, geography and culture – it was a real learning experience, but I can’t say that I took notes. …

More photos will be uploaded to my Flickr account soon!



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