Northern Explorer – Part 1

Train Ride part 1 – Today I travelled from Hamilton to Wellington, New Zealand on the Northern Explorer Train . The train passed over numerous bridges, and went through many tunnels. The countryside was absolutely stunning – green fields, lots of trees and hills, mountains, sheep and cows. We went up and around hills and past rivers and the ocean – it was absolutely beautiful. The train offered a quiet and smooth ride and a very relaxing atmosphere.

Note to self – make sure the camera battery is full before you leave or make sure you bring the charger with you onto the train and don’t put it in your checked luggage. I managed to take so photos, but sure enough, it died right before the really good photos could be taken! I will make sure to charge my camera before I take the train back to Hamilton.




During the course of the train ride, there were crew members who would talk over the speaker and would inform you about the town you were passing through and they noted interesting facts.The train from Auckland to Wellington travelled over 352 bridges and through 14 tunnels. Over the course of 1o hours, the train travelled 681 km. One of the cars at the front of the train was a cabin that did not have windows – you could stand and get some fresh air and take photos with out the glare of the windows.

The first part of the train trip was a success! If you are ever in New Zealand and want to see the countryside, I would recommend taking the train.



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