On the evening of my first day in New Zealand, there was a dinner with members of the Faculty of the University of Waikato. One of the ladies brought her 13-year-old son with her. Following the meal, he treated us with a special performance of a “Haka”.

A Haka is a traditional war dance, performed by a group of dances with various movements including stamping feet, and chanting or shouting. Today, a Haka has been made better known because the New Zealand Rugby team has been seen performing this dance.

This dance is performed for entertainment, for welcoming new guests or before a war. Men have usually performed it, but children and women can also take part.

The boy who performed the dance for me did a fabulous job. He was smiling after wards and you could tell that he was proud of himself, just as his mother and the other guests were as well.



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