Sculpture Park

Today we walked from the University down to local Sunday market just before Hamilton’s city centre. It was a nice walk as it was not raining and it was warm outside. The market contained at least 2 dozen or more local farmers selling everything from lettuce and vegetables to espresso, baked goods, bread and ice-cream and honey, cheese and the list goes on.

Then we stopped at a friend’s house for tea, cake and lunch. The homes that I have seen so far here have been small with two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. Here in New Zealand, many of the houses do not have basements, but the newer house might have them – I am not exactly sure.

After this, we headed in the car to The Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru where we walked around and view the Winter collection of sculptures. These sculptures are for sale and the profits go towards bringing in new exhibits. The park has three collections throughout the year, and the trails you walk on are just beautiful.


It was another beautiful day, filled with new experiences and great conversations.



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