Auckland, NZ


I made it to Auckland, New Zealand after a 14-hour flight. The first thing I noticed when I got here was the weather for one thing, but it was kind of hard to make a fair judgment on a “New Zealand Winter” as it was 5 AM. It was cool and there had previously been rain this morning.  – Note: some of the people hear are wearing big parkas like the one I would where in -40 C weather that we have in our Canadian winters. I understand that there are some mountains here and have seen some people checking skis etc. onto checked baggage. Still, I know that it is not short weather like it is in Canada, but I could get used to a weather like this… I think today is supposed to be high of 15 C.

The flight from Vancouver was good, but long. On the upside, I got to watch The Avengers, The Big Bang Theory and listened to a lot of music. The flight attendants were wonderful and I loved the Air New Zealand outfits. (Insert picture).

Upon arrival, customs and security were a breeze which was a good thing! Then I walked from the international terminal to the domestic flight terminal, and it wasn’t too hard to find – all I had to do was follow a green line painted on the ground marking the route!

When I walked into both terminals actually, other than seeing Duty Free Shops, I saw McDonalds – it really is everywhere. However I passed on this for breakfast as their menu was a lot smaller than it’s Canadian version.

I have noticed and am a bit surprised that for several things like pop, chips, candy and coffee, even McDonalds, the prices seem really high – on average $2 more than in Canada. I realize that I am in an airport right now, but I wasn’t about to pay $4.50 for a Coke. This is due to the cost of living here in New Zealand, which is higher than in Canada, in terms of expenses and wages.

So once again I am killing time at an airport, 2.5 hours out of my 7-hour lay over for a 30-minute flight! I am doing some reading, some reflecting, watching the Olympics on TV – note to self, be careful whom you cheer for. When the New Zealand athletes win a metal, the other passengers waiting for flights erupt in applause! I also, as when I was in Vancouver and on the plane to Auckland, enjoy listening to the different languages being spoken around me. I don’t yet understand New Zealand’s culture, history or languages very well yet, but I am sure I will gain understanding.

Regardless, it is a beautiful thing – hearing young children speak fluently to their parents in a language other than English.


– My flight to Auckland was one of Air New Zealand’s larger planes, and my flight to Hamilton was on one of the smallest charter planes: I still got some great photos though!



4 thoughts on “Auckland, NZ

  1. In 2009, my husband & I made a “winter” trip to New Zealand and loved it. It was one of our favorite trips, and I hope this one becomes one of yours. Your post reminded me of our arrival where the first thing we saw was a Dunkin’ Donuts! We also followed the green line to the domestic terminal around 5am. Happy traveling!

    1. It’s been nice so far, fairly warm during the day, but not hot and cool in the evening and morning. I have a feeling this will be a most memorable and meaningful trip – one I will not forget. Dunkin donuts, that was the second thing I saw, I was a little surprised actually that they had them here, I thought it was a USA chain… Thanks for the comment and for sharing! 🙂

      1. I think it is a U.S. chain & I’ve never seen it traveling anywhere else outside the U.S., which made it really stand out.

        I’m sure it will be both a memorable and meaningful trip and I hope you have a wonderful time! We fell in love with New Zealand and I’m sure you will too.

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