4 Years Later …

These past four years have flown by ever so quickly! It seems like only yesterday that I was in grade 12 submitting applications for University and hoping to be accepted. I was not 100% sure that I wanted to be a teacher. I admired teachers and the work that they do, and that they help their students grow and learn, while being positive role models, members of the community, and have their own families. I wanted to be a in a ‘helping’ profession where I could work with students, where I could inspire, motivate, challenge, support and educate young minds. I did not know whether to go into elementary or secondary education and somehow settled on middle years education.

I was accepted and even though I was proud and excited, I was nervous in myself. I was quiet (I still am today, however, I have found my teacher voice) and I would have to say that I was lacking confidence in myself. I enjoyed my first year of university, and my second year as well. Third year was where I was able to spend more time in the classroom with students, and fourth year brought internship and some wonderful learning and teaching opportunities. I am beyond happy that I am now a teacher. I have my diploma and my teacher certificate and I am ready for the opportunities and experiences that await me! I am eager to begin my career.

Through the past four years, I have grown so much:

  • I have found my voice
  • I am able to confidently talk in front of a group of people
  • I am confident in the teacher and person that I am today
  • I have learned from many amazing students – I do not know everything

There have been many opportunities:

  • Being in classrooms at: Rosemont – Regina, W.H Ford – Regina, Fort Qu’Appelle Elementary School, St. Michael’s School – Yorkton, Elsie Maronyuk – Regina, Ranch Ehrlo – Pilot Butte through the University
  • Learning from many wonderful, dedicated, supportive and caring professors
  • Working with a diverse group of students from many schools
  • Taking classes that are of relevance to students and schools today
  • Making a great group of friends (32 other Middle Years Educators) who I am happy to know
  • Expanding my learning, networks, and support through various social media platforms

This is just a short excerpt of what has happened these past four years. There have been many downs and ups, challenges, struggles, triumphs, successes, smiles, and growth – both professionally and personally. I have loved every minute of it all and am eagerly awaiting what will happen in the future!



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