Focus on the 90%

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to listen to Darci Lang. In short, Darci is a motivational speaker who shares a message that she herself lives. The talk she presented was that we should all “focus on the 90% that is positive in your life. The message is simple: you have a choice when it comes to your attitude and the choices you make affect everyone around you.” – Darci Lang. She shared part of her life story and experiences of how she has become an entrepreneur, a mother, motivational speaker and author. If you want to find out more about Darci, visit her Facebook Page or her WordPress Blog.

I found her message to be one that everyone can apply to their life – focus on the 90% of happiness. When we do this, the 10% that is negative wont seem to matter any more. When you walk into a room, you can tell those people who are not happy as it is evident by their actions, appearance, mannerisms and words. Everyone comes with a story and sometimes we need to hear those stories and get to know those around us. Once we do this, we can help them focus on the good and not the bad.


This is important when we are looking at our students. Each student who walks into the classroom comes with a story, a history, a unique situation. I feel that it is important to listen to their story and to accept them for who they are, with all that they bring with them. This can help us as teachers build meaningful relationships with our students and for us to help understand maybe why they are having a bad day or if they need extra time with an assignment. In our classrooms too, I think the 90% idea can apply here too because I would want my students to be in a classroom where they feel happy, accepted, included and that they matter. The classroom and student relationships should be positive and I don’t want to have a group of students who are not accepting of others, or where students do not feel safe and that that they belong. I also believe in open communication where if a student has something that they need to talk to me about that they feel comfortable enough to tell me if they are having a bad day or if they need help with an assignment or a concept they may be struggling with.

Darci also mentioned something along the lines of a doorknob principle. She said that no one in their family enters the house until they are ready to be there, when they are focused on the family and not work, when they are in a good mood. I like the general idea here – don’t come into a room until you are ready to offer all that you have. I think this could be applied to the classroom as well. Sometimes students may need an extra moment after recess or a class to just take a moment and to gather their thoughts. Other times, students may need a brain break and to refresh their minds and attention. I would like to apply this to my future classroom, that in our classroom you are there and are ready to learn and that if a student needs an extra moment, they can take it.



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