Magic Happened Here

Room 215 – Education Building: University of Regina 

During this semester, some great things happened there:

  • I worked with a student one-on-one for two months.
  • Together, we learned about Saskatchewan – land and resources.
  • I learned about his culture.
  • We read books and viewed website.
  • We drew maps.
  • I built a relationship with a student.
  • I have had the amazing opportunity of working with a student not only where he learned from me, but where I learned from him.
  • I learned from an amazing professor who has a wealth of knowledge in the area of literacy.
  • I observed and learned from eight other classmates who will go on to make wonderful teachers.

This final semester of classes has been one of the most rewarding and one where the classes have been the most meaningful.

I look forward to what will happen next…



One thought on “Magic Happened Here

  1. Great to hear that two people bring to the table something of benefit, and both leave the winner. This is how it should be in all relationships.

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