LMS Evaluation

For this tech task, I worked with EmilyColby and Brittany. We were to explore Learning Management Systems and chose to look at Edmodo and Schoology. Teachers can use learning management systems in conjunction with blended learning which is simply put as mixing face-to-face teaching and learning and an online environment. As a member of my group, I signed up for both of these systems. For Schoology, I created a student account, and for Edmodo I created a teacher account. Our group, collaborated using a GoogleDoc.

We each explored the accounts we created and combine our thoughts and ideas, answering the following areas:

– Key characteristics
– What the tools are designed to do
– Favourite features for each service
– Perspectives from student, teacher and parent accounts

You can also click here to view the document in a new tab or window in your internet browser.

Here are some of my reflections to a few questions for this tech task, based on my experience with Schoology and Edmodo.

– What are your thoughts on the design of these tools and how do these tools compare?

Both of these tools are similar in design, purpose and features. I would recommend Edmodo for younger classrooms and Schoology for older classrooms as the layout and access students have in Edmodo is simple and organised with a clear design. I like how Edmodo lets students customize their profiles, has a main feed stream on their home page, and individual streams for certain courses. Schoology is divided into specific sections for each class and has many sections such as pages, assignments, images and discussions. I feel both tools are great for creating an online learning space where students can collaborate, learn, discuss and share while they are in class and anywhere they have internet access. For teachers, you post quizzes and assignments, share grades and you can respond to your students discussions. I also liked how both services can allow to connect to larger communities of educators out there and how you can create and be part of a personal learning network. In the end however, I think that these tools are great and offer in general the same features and options, in the end, I feel that it comes down to personal preference of which program you would like to use.

– How easy are these tools to use and learn?

Emodo has a clear layout and I found it easier to use as opposed to Schoology. I used the tutorials offered by each site to find view the basic overviews of each program which I found helpful to get you started. One can also search Youtube for videos of how-‘s for Edmodo or Schoology. As an example, I searched for how to access and share a parent code for Schoology.


As well, there are also various blogs about Edmodo and Schoology that you can search. For example, I looked at:

– Do you feel that these tools would be appealing to students?

I feel that both of these tools would be appealing for students because it is one more way that they can interact with their classmates and teachers using technology. Edmodo is similar to Facebook so students may feel comfortable using this program. Tests and quizzes online can allow students to see comments from their teachers, and their how their classmates view certain topics through the use of a poll. I think these programs are also appealing because students can send messages to their teachers and can ask for help with a question and can submit assignments if they are not at school.

– Is this something that you could see yourself using in your classroom? Why or why not?

I could definitely see myself using Edmodo compared to Schoology in my own classroom. I already have some many ideas in my mind about how using this tool could be beneficial in all subjects including language arts and social studies to name  few. I like how I can share resources with students, can post assignments or steps to follow, and can allow students to have discussions online. It seems like a great tool and can’t wait to try it out with actual students! I also think Schoology could be used as well, however, Edmodo appeals to me more in terms of features, layout, and tools offered.



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