Get Through It

Its been one of those days and I’ve found it hard to stay focused and in a positive mindset. I am in need of some motivation to keep going and I came across the following quote:

Get through it — Ralph Marston

On the other side of the challenge is value. Get through it, and get the value.

Though the effort makes you weary, it also makes you strong. Get through it, and enjoy the full benefit of that strength.

You’ve already made it this far, and you’ve already established some good momentum. To get through it, just keep going.

Keep going, though the urge to quit may be strong. Keep going, get through it and get the rewards you’ve earned.

Get through it, not by fighting but by accepting and persisting in each moment. Get through it, not with resentment for what you must do but with gratitude for what you can accomplish.

You have what it takes, because what it takes is simply making one step, and then the next, and then the next. Step forward, get through it, and bring your own unique value more fully to life.

As university comes to an end and a new journey is out there waiting, I know that I can take everything one day at a time and that I can “get through it”.

Each day is what we make it and I plan on making tomorrow, and the next day, and the following days great days!


6 thoughts on “Get Through It

  1. Truly Inspirational! Just what I needed!It can be really hard to have the motivation to finish strong, with all the assignments that we’re swamped with at the moment. All we need to do like the poem said, is to take it one day at a time, crossing each assignment and exam off our to-do list once we complete them and feeling the thrill of victory that we never would have experienced if we had given up…..All the best for the final days of your last semester!

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