Students Today – The Importance of Technology

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

This video shares facts and ideas about how students are using technology in the classroom and why we should teach using technology.

Here are some quotes that I found important:

  • “I am a 21st century learner.”
  • “… we expect to be able to create … consume … remix … and share information with each other.”
  • “76% of my teachers have never used … Wikis … blogs … podcasts.”
  • “At least once a week, 14% of my teachers let me create something with new technology – 63% never do.”
  • “61 % of my reading teachers never use digital storytelling software.”
  • “If we learn by doing … what are we learning sitting here?”
  • “What kind of education do you want me to have?”

“Let me use the www – whatever, whenever, wherever.”



“Teach me to think … to create … to analyse … to evaluate … to apply. Teach me to think.”

“Engage me.”

I am glad that this ECMP 355 course is teaching me tools to use with students so that I can engage them and can let them use technology to think, create, analyse, evaluate, apply and learn.



2 thoughts on “Students Today – The Importance of Technology

  1. I have seen this video before and I absolutely loved it; it got me to thinking back to my high school experience and how the only time we used technology in the classroom was to do research assignments. Mind you, in my small town we didn’t have a lot of technology TO use because of the lack of funding we got in our school. If we were to have had that technology I think most of the teachers would use it to create things such as blogs or digital story telling. However, I do believe the older generation of teachers would have declined using technology in their classroom because they had their own ways of teaching and were reluctant to change up what they knew. I know this doesn’t stand for all older teachers but it was definitely how I felt about some of my past teachers.

    Where technology is available I think teachers both young and old are attempting to integrate it in to their classrooms because they realize how students respond to these types of learning.

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