Tech Task #7

For the second tech task of the week, we were to create a podcast. It’s been about four years since the last time I created a podcast. I had some troubles getting started – mainly picking a topic, but once I figured that out the project came together. I decided to use a new program as I’ve played around with Garageband before. I used Myna from Aviary – a free downloadable audio editor software. Aviary also has a music creator and a variety of image editing tools as well.

This was a great program, quite similar to Garageband in terms of set up, tools and style. You are able to create your own music and import it, import songs and recordings and you can also choose from a variety of preloaded audio clips. I enjoyed using this program and would recomened it to others, especially if you don’t have Garageband. Remember as with any program or file you are creating – save frequently! The only draw backs I found were that your song had a six minute limit and you could only create ten tracks within your song. It was also harder to split and edit a track, but once you try it a few times, you should have the hang of it.

For my podcast, I guess I should have made it shorter, but managed to fit everything in that I wanted. Also, some of the tracks have different types of sounds on them and in more than one location because I had no where else to put them. Luckily, as you are able to control the whole track volume, but you can also set at individual points specific volume levels and crescendos or decrescendos. There is an option to add effects to the tracks but I did not play around with this feature, and the options were limited – not to the same equality as Garageband.

Here is my podcast:


2 thoughts on “Tech Task #7

  1. great post cynthia! I have also used this program as well in the past and I agree it was a bit annoying that you could only make 6 min. clips. But you did a great job and seem to have a very good hang of all this tech stuff!

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