I’ve heard it said that commenting on blogs is just as important as having your own blog.

Checking my Google Reader everyday and browsing through posts from my classmates in ECMP355, is great! There are so many good posts being written that challenge your thinking, show you new resources and can inspire you. Of course, seeing work that my classmates create is fantastic as well.

I’ve found that many times when I go to post a comment, I have a thought in my mind as to what I would like to say. However, once I start typing, my thoughts change and I re-read and edit my comment before I click the ‘post’. Sometimes I wonder if my comment is good enough, if it makes sense and if it will be valued by the reader. I guess it may just take a while to feel comfortable putting thoughts, ideas and reflections out there. I hope in time, it is easier to compose a comment!


3 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Cynthia! Great reflections 🙂 you just reflected on what I think is one of the scariest ( but also the most exciting) aspects of social media- the ability to comment and add insight to anything you want!! For numerous projects I have posted a question or asked for advice over twitter, or facebook, or our blogs. I always seem to get responces!! It is scary sometimes to comment on others , as you noted, becasue you feel like you are impeeding on the space some how, or feel that your comment might be interpreted the wrong way because its over text. BUT I think that this is not the case. Online space are desghned around collaboaration. When a person posts something into the cyber world they are inviting others to critque, reflect, and analyaze those thoughts.
    If we as teachers think of social media in this way, and train are students to be thoughtfull and reflective bloggers, then we are helping to foster students creativitiy, and encouraging them to begin to be collaborative and resourcefull.

  2. That’s interesting… I find commenting much easier than actually creating a post. Sticking my 2 pennies in is easier for me than “exposing” myself in a full post.

    Fantastic blog, by the way. It would be on top of my list, if you could add more photos and films to the blog posts 🙂

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