Online Resources for Leson Planning

I came across an article which was entitled: “Wikipedia Blackout Makes Lesson Planning Impossible” – by Liana Heitin.

The article briefly talks about the reasoning behind the blackout -a protest of two anti-piracy bills that are under consideration in United States.  The article then shares posts of tweets in which people on Twitter were complaining about Wikipedia being down and that they could not teach or plan their lessons.

This brief article seemed rather amusing to me. As I have recently finished internship, I can say that I never once looked at Wikipedia to find information to share with my students. When the students were doing research, they were offered credible websites, books and other reliable resources. I think it is very easy when searching for information or for looking up people to simply click on Wikipedia, but is this what we should be doing? Should we be using Wikipedia because it is convenient and often the first link available when we search for something on Google?

I’m not a big fan of using Wikipedia. However, I do like the idea of how it is a collaborative resource, where people can add and edit information. I like how it can be updated and remains current, but I am just not so sure about it’s reliability. Having written papers in High School and University, I have learned the importance of using reliable and credible resources, should Wikipedia be one of them?


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